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ReWire – ReBoot – ReConnect
This 4-week Transformational Program will help you redefine your personal identity and life direction. Are you struggling with organizing and prioritizing your ideas, thoughts, dreams, and desires in a world full of distractions and stress? Do you feel caught up in the social grind and find yourself feeling lost, confused, or stuck? Are you ready to let go of any resentment, anger, or depression by taking quality time to go within through self-exploration? If you are seeking your inner drive and essence to conquer and take control of your life it may be time to ReWire – ReBoot – ReConnect. Join Leo in exploring your Purpose & Direction, Limiting Beliefs, Sub Personalities, and then Synthesize and ACTUALIZE a Life You Love.
During this 4-week process, we begin with defining your Life’s Purpose & Direction. We fully clarify what your desire looks, feels, and sounds like. Then we will explore limiting beliefs that we all carry within us. We will navigate through your addictive and toxic thought patterns and focus on the root source of our most debilitating triggers (Fear of judgment, rejection, failure to name a few).  We will then connect these false beliefs to our dominant sub-personality. By the end of this program, you will have a clearer understanding of your Life Purpose & Direction and what truly is holding you back.  With practice, focus, persistence, and intention you will be able to move forward in life with a deeper understanding of yourself. You will gain powerful resources, tools, insights, and experience to keep yourself in the direction your Heart Desires.

Your Commitment Comes With The Following:

  • (4) Weekly Sessions: 60 Minutes
  •  (4) Weekly Follow up Sessions: 30 minutes
  • (4) Weekly Email With Resources and Tools
  • Daily Text Check-Ins
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  • Discounts To Future Retreats and Offerings!
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Leo Castrence

Leo Castrence is a Loving Father, Certified Psychosynthesis Transformational Life Coach (PLC), Fatherhood New Paradigm Hacker, and a Relationship Alchemist.

32257641_927235177448204_3848185620841103360_oOriginally born in Spain and raised most of his life in Hawaii. Leo has always been a rebel and extremist. All or nothing. After graduating high school in 2004, Leo went onto the University of Hawaii where he quickly learned that following the path of the American Dream wasn’t for him. He wanted to explore new places and meet new people. He eventually dropped out of UH and went into figuring out what direction to take. After a few years of getting sucked into distraction, Leo decided to move to Southern California with a few friends. He ended up living in So Cal for 8 years before realizing he was doing the same thing as Hawaii and had forgotten his intentions to travel and explore. And this is where the real journey began.

Leo’s self-exploration journey intentionally began in October 2013. After living 8 years in Southern California he decided to quit his job, sell all his belongings and hit the road. He bought a van and traveled the country in search of redefining happiness and success. These 2 questions took him on a journey across the States and even making it out to Colombia. During his travels of 3 years, he took his time to sharpen his tools and explore his passions. He spent much of his time assisting in producing music festivals, organizing retreats, community building, exploring intentional communities, workshops, and self – exploration.


Leo is a Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC), certified in 2018 with the 120-Hour Nationally Certified Psychosynthesis Coach Training Program through the Synthesis Center. As a Transformational Coach, he feels deeply called to create more resources and support for new fathers. As a new father himself, he went through the lessons and obstacles in the new territory of Fatherhood. He eventually learned how much powerful resources and support existed for momma and baby but was lacking for fathers. Leo then went into deep self-exploration and research with the support of his life partner Cassandra. In his experience, he found (and continues to explore) patterns and “struggles” that are common among fathers. Most fathers are feeling confused, lost, and incapable in what it means to be a father in today’s reality. So, where do we begin? We begin by going within.

Cassandra and Leo facilitate women’s, men’s, and parenting circles across the globe. Virtual Parenthood Programs now available to help transform the paradigm of modern parenting. Current in person Circles and Roundtables are being offered in St. Louis. 


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Cassandra Galbier

Cassandra Galbier is a Passionate Mother, Licensed Massage Therapist, Body Memory Recall Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master.
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Cassandra is a graduate of the 675-hour Massage Program at Asheville School of Massage and Yoga (2012) and the 200 Hour YTT with Yogacara Global Teacher Training (2014). She became certified in Body Memory Recall (2012) with Jonathan Tripodi, and continued her bodywork studies in Cranial Sacral (2014), Thai Massage (2016), and studied Lomi Lomi in Hawaii with Kevin Kishida in 2018. She has worked in North Carolina, Costa Rica, Pennsylvania, California and Missouri as well as offering retreats internationally. She is the visionary and former owner of A New Day: Massage & Yoga Studio, LLC in Warren, PA. Cassandra now works with her partner and Transformational Life Coach Leo Castrence at Actualize(d) Affinity offering packages, workshops, and retreats which guide individuals and parents towards tools of self-care, inner awareness, and living an authentic, abundant life. Cassandra balances life between Hawaii with her son and partner, and traveling the world being inspired and inspiring others to live a passionate life walking one’s unique path.

Cassandra uses her trained hands and intuition to guide her to help each client with their specific needs. Combining Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral, Body Memory Recall, Thai, and Lomi Lomi she is able to find the perfect balance of what will help you walk away feeling ReConnected and ReNewed. If you have any physical or emotional symptoms, and would like help supporting your body to unwind and work towards a more Vibrant Alignment, please contact her at 814-688-7913.

Cassandra’s bodywork is a great addition to your lifestyle if you are looking to improve the overall quality of your life. Cassandra is currently in Hawaii.

**Cassandra is currently licensed in Massage in California and Missouri.**


Cassandra and Leo facilitate women’s, men’s, and parenting circles across the globe.  Current in person Circles and Roundtables are being offered in St. Louis. 
Virtual Parenthood Programs now available to help transform the paradigm of modern parenting. Click here for info on the 21 Day Mama Refresh Virtual Program