Building A Foundation For Genuine Communication

This exercise is published and featured in the upcoming book release “Activate Your Life: 50+ Exercises From Coaches Around The World“.



This exercise will help readers create a solid foundation to communicate in a vulnerable and grounded way


This exercise is useful for anyone who is looking to better their communication within their personal and business relationships.


This exercise will help you to remember that the key to having clear communication starts with listening to the person talking. The foundation of listening will help people work through communication issues or barriers that leave them feeling unheard or misunderstood. This exercise teaches us how to listen, be present, patient, and compassionate towards ourselves, and someone expressing themselves. Many people struggle to genuinely communicate, especially during stressful moments and triggers. Expressing our emotions and feelings become more difficult to navigate if we don’t have the understanding of how to listen. People who struggle with communication have a tendency to react emotionally or lead the conversation into a debate or argument, rather than respond clearly. This exercise allows you to practice listening and also speaking from a deep heart space.

Listening provides us the opportunity to check our emotions and triggers. Listening first before speaking also sets the example on how you expect to be treated when speaking in turn. Giving the opportunity to prevent us from a reactive and emotional rebuttal will prevent the conversation from turning into arguments or even screaming matches. Explore what it felt like to be the listener and not have the ability to speak. Can you envision yourself having the same presence when talking and listening to others? When we respectfully listen first before speaking, we have the opportunity to show the person we are speaking to how we wish to be treated when you speak.

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