New Fatherhood Paradigm Virtual Group Program

The New Paradigm Shift to Fatherhood

How can you become the best Father for your child?

How can you become the best Support for your partner?

How can you show up in the best way for yourself?

The key to attaining the answers to these questions ultimately is doing your best! Doing your best heart forward will guide you in exploring the answers and truths that arise when we explore these questions. The reality in my experience is that there are very little support resources for men who are going through the powerful transformation into Fatherhood. This deep transformation brings up lots of aspects of ourselves as men and individuals that can be overwhelming at times. Especially when you have no male support or mentorship to guide you away from the Struggle and Embracing the Sacred Journey of Fatherhood.

Most of us men have lost the Sacred Essence of the path of Fatherhood. We have become distracted and lost our connection to what it means to be a father. Our external stress influences such as our job, bills, addictions, family, and friends have taken over our Life and we are unprepared for everything that comes our way. We have forced ourselves into Fight, Flight, or Freeze modes that have now affected your sanity and connection to harmony for you and your partner’s relationship. And eventually producing an even more stressful environment for yourself, partner, and child. Something needs to change and something needs to change soon or else the foundation crumbles. When we lack the support and guidance for yourself we get stuck in Fight, Flight, or Freeze modes. Not a healthy place to be in.

When we are living in the reactionary modes of Fight, Flight, or Freeze, we create a difficult space for communication, solutions, and understanding. Simple conversations turn into heated arguments that last for hours or days leaving everyone exhausted and discouraged. Or we allow our minds and emotional expressions to explore or that last option of giving up and threatening to run away from the responsibilities,  inner work, and problems. The other mode is freezing, shutting down emotionally and physically. We tend to suppress what we are deeply feeling inside and become emotionally distant and our presence to the present moments slowly recedes like the ocean putting us into despair and depression. All leading up to giving up on yourself, your partner, and your child.

Our mission is support men during their Deep Transformation into the biggest responsibility Life can gift you, Fatherhood. As men of today’s age, we lack mentorship, community, and support around the key chapters of manhood such as Adulting, Sacred Partnership, and Fathering. Too many men are feeling lost, incapable, and deep in the Struggle. Too many children are living their lives with absent or nonexistent fathers and many of us men today are living the repercussions of that truth. We lack true examples and mentorship of Fatherhood that we can look to for guidance that is aligned with what we desire Fatherhood to be. We are here to change that! Every man has a different family dynamic and reality but we believe every man has the capability of creating and living his family foundations and truths. We aim to build a community of New Paradigm Fathers who support each other, their Family, and their True Community.  We are stepping up our Game for Fathers to help them step their Game up and be the best example and teacher for their children.

We are currently building an online webinar program that will help guide men into redefining Fatherhood and their family Foundation. This program will help them explore their past and current truths to fatherhood and parenting and essentially rewire their brain to their newly accepted responsibility. And eventually redefining themselves as a Father and Partner in the best way possible and always pushing to grow. Father’s will have the support and guidance to help bring solutions in for Balance and Harmony to their Family, Homelife, and Psyche. We will be spending time focussing on Communication, Compassionate Support, Self – Care or Needs, and our Ideal Life for our family and personal life. How can we help you Actualize the Affinity for Fatherhood?

These are the key aspects we are building this program from:

  1. What Does Fatherhood Mean To You?
  2. What is Your Experience With Your Father And Other Fathers?
  3. What Are You Feeling Emotionally As A New Father?
  4. Exploring Needs, Responsibilities, and Expectations of Fatherhood For YOU?.
  5. Expressing, Understanding, and Releasing  The “Struggle”.
  6. Creating Solutions To Bring In Harmony And Balance.
  7. Redefining What It Means To Be A Father.
  8. Replanting Your Family Foundation
  9. Reclaiming Your Responsibility For Your Family Direction and Story.
  10. Birthing The New Paradigm To Fatherhood.
  11. Leading The Example Of The New Paradigm to Fatherhood.
  12. Presence, Vulnerability, Compassion, Support, Communication, Transparency, Accountability, and Unconditional Love.

If you are interested in helping us finish this program we would love to hear from you! Currently, we are taking free 30 – minute Discovery Calls from all levels of fatherhood. We want to hear about your experiences, needs, struggle, or wisdom to help us create the best version of this Program.

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