A glimpse into our Ohana.

We are a family finding the Balance of Parenting, Living in our Passions, being Intentional in our Partnership, and helping others find their Path of Purpose. We have endured to ups and downs of Life and Death and used these moments in our lives to come together and listen to our own Path of Purpose. Our Path of Purpose has led us to the deep commitment of Parenthood, the deep commitment of Partnership, and the deep commitment to helping others find their truest Path. As we hear the calling of our souls to live the life we love, we have realized that the next step is to help others do the same. Thus, the creation of Actualize(d) Affinity.

Actualize(d) Affinity = Activation (Actualize) of a Life you Love (Affinity) through the exploration of your individual inner Truths and Desires. We aim to guide you to synthesize all of who you are through Transformational Life Coaching, Bodywork, & more.

Cassandra and Leo combine their expertise in redefining your goals, lifestyle, and family foundation to live and authentic, abundant life.  Choose from virtual online programs, individual sessions, groups sessions, workshops and retreats to help transform yourself and your family. If you are a mother or father, join Cassandra and Leo for the journey of the New Paradigm of Balanced Parenting. 

Cassandra Galbier is a Passionate Mother, Licensed Massage Therapist, Body Memory Recall Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Master. To find out more check out her bio here:   Cassandra Galbier’s Bio 

Leo Castrence is a Loving Father, Certified Psychosynthesis Transformational Life Coach (PLC), Fatherhood New Paradigm Hacker, and a Relationship Alchemist. To Find out more check out his bio here:  Leo Castrence’s Bio