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Actualize(d) Affinity is an Activation (Actualize) of a Life you Love (Affinity) through the exploration of your individual inner Truths and Desires.  We guide you to synthesize all of who you are though Transformational Life Coaching, Integrated Bodywork, Creating Daily Rituals, Yoga Classes, Workshops, Retreats, Virtual Group Programs, Mama Circles, Fatherhood Podcast and Round Tables, & more.

We aim to gain an understanding of why you are the way you are and how to take that inner understanding and synthesize your truths into your deepest desires. The “(d)” in our name represents past tense symbology, meaning in order to have Actualize(d) your dreams into reality, you must “Connect to your (D)ivine, (D)ream Big, (D)o the Work!“.

We do this by taking intentional and focused time to explore and redefine your innerstandings while building upon your truths and passions. How do you truly create the Life you deeply desire for yourself and family? How do you become Activated? What would your life be like if you turned yourself all the way ON? Where would Life take you if you took control?

We work from the perspective that we all have hardwiring rooting from our past traumas and adopted belief systems that ultimately hold us back from achieving our greatness. We must explore all these traumas and beliefs to gain an understanding of how we can move forward and create in a way that aligns with our deepest desires. Focussing on releasing our limiting belief systems and refocussing on rewiring our thought patterns towards creating harmony and balance. And ultimately birthing a Higher Quality of Life for your Self, Family, and Community.

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