Redefining Your Family Story

Activating your family’s legend…

father1We will work deeply with you as a father, mother, or partnership (or all of the above) to define your intentions, goals, and desires as a family. After establishing your family legend or map we will explore the best ways for you to accomplish these goals. We begin the process by diving in deep into your resistance and struggles that are holding you and your family back from abundance and the life you desire to live. We then will explore your individual needs in order for you to show up as a father, mother, partner, and yourself in the best way possible. How do you communicate your needs in a good way? How can you be of service to your partner in a loving compassionate way? What kind of example and environment do you want your children to be exposed to as parents? What do you need for your own self-care to feel grounded and patient through the journey? All of these questions we will explore and find solutions to bring in this harmony and balance to you and your family.

Who is Actualize(d) Affinity?

Motherhood-Quote-1Leo Castrence is a father to his beautiful son and teacher Zennith, and a life partner to his empowering and passionate fiance Cassandra. Leo is a certified Transformational Life Coach through the Psychosynthesis Center and has a calling to help guide men and support their family’s towards harmony by building a solid foundation to work off of.

Cassandra Galbier is a Passionate Mother, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT); Body Memory Recall practitioner(BMR); Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness Instructor. Cassandra uses her trained hands and intuition to guide her to help clients release emotional and physical symptoms. She also has a calling to support new mothers during and after the transition into motherhood.

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Why work with Actualize(d) Affinity?

Are you a father who is struggling to define his role in the early chapters of parenting? Are you a man who is wanting to learn how to incorporate your needs and self-care into your busy routine or lack thereof? Are you wanting to be a better communicator and supporter to your life partner?

Are you a mother struggling to find the balance of your needs and others? Are you having communication blocks with your partner or family? Are you yearning for a deeper connection and understanding for your family’s direction? Are you wanting a stronger union or foundation with your life partner?

These are some of the many questions and intentions we will explore together. If any of these thoughts resonate with you we must humbly remind you that you are not alone in this struggle. Redefining yourself as a father or mother will deeply help your relationship with your partner, yourself, and the and those around you. We must take genuine time and focus on working towards becoming the change you wish to see.

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